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St. Moritz is a world-renowned and glamorous ski resort located in the Engadin valley in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz has earned a reputation as a winter playground for the affluent and a hub for winter sports enthusiasts. The resort is famous for its stunning alpine scenery, luxurious amenities, and a long-standing tradition of hosting major international winter sports events.

St. Moritz has a rich history, having hosted the Winter Olympics twice (in 1928 and 1948), and it continues to attract elite visitors seeking a combination of world-class skiing, upscale shopping, and a vibrant social scene. The resort boasts a variety of ski slopes catering to all skill levels, from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging terrain for expert skiers.

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, St. Moritz offers a plethora of winter activities, including ice skating, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. The frozen Lake St. Moritz becomes a playground for activities such as polo and horse racing on ice during the winter months.

Visitors to St. Moritz can indulge in upscale dining, high-end shopping, and luxurious accommodations. The town itself exudes charm with its traditional alpine architecture and picturesque setting. St. Moritz is not just a destination for winter sports; it's a lifestyle experience that combines the thrill of the slopes with the sophistication of a world-class resort.

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Skiing in St. Moritz is a quintessential alpine experience, combining breathtaking mountain vistas with world-class ski infrastructure. Nestled in the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps, St. Moritz is renowned for its exceptional ski conditions, making it a haven for both seasoned skiers and those new to the sport.

The resort boasts an extensive network of well-groomed slopes that cater to all skill levels. From gentle runs for beginners to challenging black trails for the more advanced, St. Moritz provides a diverse range of options. The Corviglia ski area, often referred to as the "Skiing Mountain," is a focal point for winter sports enthusiasts. Its slopes offer not only a thrilling descent but also panoramic views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks.

One of the unique features of skiing in St. Moritz is the opportunity to experience a variety of terrains, including tree-lined slopes and wide-open expanses. The region's high-altitude location contributes to excellent snow conditions throughout the winter season, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable skiing experience.

For those seeking a bit of glamour along with their downhill adventure, St. Moritz offers exclusive amenities, including ski-in/ski-out access from luxurious accommodations, high-end dining options on the slopes, and chic après-ski venues. The resort's sophisticated atmosphere extends beyond the slopes, with upscale boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and vibrant nightlife to indulge in after a day on the mountains.

St. Moritz is not just a ski destination; it's a destination for a complete winter experience. The combination of pristine slopes, stunning scenery, and the resort's commitment to luxury makes skiing in St. Moritz an unforgettable and indulgent adventure for winter sports enthusiasts.

Après-ski in St. Moritz is a luxurious and vibrant experience that perfectly complements the thrill of a day on the slopes. Renowned for its sophisticated atmosphere and upscale offerings, St. Moritz offers a unique après-ski scene that combines Alpine charm with exclusive indulgence.

After a day of skiing on the pristine slopes of St. Moritz, visitors can unwind in stylish mountain lodges and cozy chalets, many of which offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks. These establishments often host après-ski events that seamlessly blend entertainment and relaxation.

The town itself comes alive with a sophisticated après-ski culture. Exclusive bars and lounges welcome skiers and snowboarders to toast their day's adventures in an elegant setting. From refined cocktails to fine wines, the après-ski scene in St. Moritz caters to those with discerning tastes. Many venues feature live music, creating a lively and festive atmosphere where guests can socialize and share their experiences on the slopes.

For those who prefer a more intimate setting, the town's high-end restaurants offer gourmet dining experiences, allowing patrons to savor exquisite cuisine in a cozy Alpine ambiance. St. Moritz's culinary scene is known for its diversity and quality, with establishments showcasing Swiss specialties and international dishes.

The glamorous nature of St. Moritz extends into the evening, with some venues seamlessly transitioning from après-ski gatherings to upscale nightlife. Visitors can enjoy high-end clubs and lounges where they can dance the night away or simply relax with a nightcap in an opulent setting.

Après-ski in St. Moritz is not just a post-skiing tradition; it's an integral part of the overall experience. Whether sipping champagne in a cozy mountain lodge or dancing the night away in a chic club, the après-ski scene in St. Moritz offers a perfect blend of sophistication and celebration in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Traveling to St. Moritz, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is a delightful journey, offering various transportation options to suit different preferences. Here's a guide on how to travel to St. Moritz:

By Air:
Nearest Airports:

The closest major airport to St. Moritz is Zurich Airport (ZRH), which is approximately 200 kilometres away. From Zurich, you can reach St. Moritz by train or car.

Another option is Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) in Italy, which is about 180 kilometers away. Travelers can continue their journey to St. Moritz by train or car.

Private Jets:

St. Moritz has a small airport, Samedan Airport (SMV), which accommodates private jets. This is a convenient option for those who prefer private air travel.

By Train:

Scenic Train Ride:

One of the most iconic ways to reach St. Moritz is by taking the Glacier Express or Bernina Express, two scenic train routes that offer breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. These trains run from various Swiss cities, including Zurich and Chur.

The journey on these panoramic trains is an attraction in itself, providing passengers with stunning landscapes and a memorable travel experience.

Regular Train Services:

St. Moritz is well-connected by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) network. Regular trains run from major cities like Zurich, Milan, and Chur. The train station in St. Moritz is centrally located, making it convenient for travelers to access the town.

By Car:

If you prefer driving, St. Moritz is accessible by car. The journey takes you through picturesque mountain roads. Be prepared for winter driving conditions, and ensure your vehicle is equipped for snowy roads during the winter season.

The road network is well-maintained, and the drive offers stunning views of the Alps.

By Bus:

Long-distance buses connect St. Moritz with various cities in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. This can be a cost-effective option for budget-conscious travellers.