Our First Blog! Who and What are we?

  •  We wanted to kick it off by introducing ourselves, our business and without question our dogs!


Lauren Spring and Nikki White

Who are we? 

So Peak Feeling is created by us: Lauren Spring and Nikki White! We both live here in Tignes and have watched the resort grow and change as time has gone by. For us a big moment of this change came when we were presented with both Brexit and Covid. It was clear that things were changing and a lot of what we were used to was no longer working. 

Where did it all start?

It was during the first lockdown where we really started brainstorming ideas of what the future may hold and was there anyway for us to be a part of this. It seemed Tour Ops were dropping like flies and the whole way they operated was no longer working. This is where Peak Feeling was born. We realised we could still create the perfect holidays for people but cherry pick each element for our clients to create their perfect holiday without tying anyone into one specific accommodation or product. 

So what do we actually do?

If you want to come out to resort whether that’s summer or winter, on holiday or as part of an organised group. We can source, organise and book every aspect of this on your behalf free of charge. Our aim is to take out the stress of organising such a thing and we hope with our knowledge and experience of living here we really can put forward the best options.

What do we bring to the table?

Nikki has lived and worked in Tignes for 20 years speaking fluent French and working with most of the amazing companies we work with now including Evolution2! 

Lauren, having spent the last 5 years managing a hotel here in Tignes I hope I’ve learnt a lot about what people want from their holiday and what they don’t!

What do we hope for the future of Peak Feeling?

Simple.. We hope you book with us, have the most amazing holiday and find it a no brainer to book with us time and time again. Of course we are dreaming big and the thought of being across the French Alps one day is definitely part of the vision. 

Lauren Spring and Nikki White

And finally- The Peak Pets 

For anyone that knows us will I’m sure be familiar with Rodney and Okhi!

They are like chalk and cheese and best mates! You will most likely meet them at some point during your holiday and they are always up for a cuddle. The point being, where we go they follow!

Two Dog sit in the river

I think that’s it for our first blog but we hope you’ve enjoyed the read and maybe learnt a little more about us now!

 Our next blog will be out shortly featuring some of the amazing companies and friends we work with here in Tignes and Val!

Thanks for reading 

Lauren & Nikki x